Our Digestive System

We planned and carried out experiments to find out about our digestive system. Each part of our digestive system has a particular function. Do you know the role of the small intestine or pancreas? Our experiment helped us to understand how acid effects the food in our stomach.

Sound - how is it made and how does it travel?

We discovered that sound is made when objects vibrate. The vibrating air enters our ear, our brain hears the vibrations and turns it into sound. When a sound is louder, the vibration is bigger. The pitch of a sound is how high or low the sound is. We investigated whether sound can travel through different materials and explored the relationship between distance and sound. Making our own musical instruments to explore sound was so much fun!


Physical Education

We have got so much better at ball handling skills. We have been practising passing, dribbling and controlling the ball. Working with Carlisle United Football Club every week has helped us to reflect on being a team player and respecting our opponents even when encountering tricky situations during competitive matches.