Every Monday we hold an assembly that celebrates the childen's achievements from the week before. We are going to share this with you by posting photographs of the recipients every week, and saving them on the site for a month. We are concentrating on our values of 'Respect, Challenge, Forgiveness, Perseverance and Kindness' so that children going 'over and above' can be recognised for their efforts.

May 21 2018

 Our Key Stage 1 stars...

...and Key Stage 2 stars too!

April 23 2018

 Key Stage 1 certificate winners

Key Stage 2 certificate winners

Our netball team - played very well but didn't quite make the finals!

April 16 2018

 Certificate winners from Key Stage 1

Certificate winners from Key Stage 2

March 26 2018

Football Team - through to finals at Brunton Park in May

- well done!

Key Stage 2 Certificate winners

Key Stage 1 Certificate Winners

March 19 2018

 Key Stage 1 Winners

 Key Stage 2 Winners

Latest News

19 June 2018

Tennis Maestros

Another sporting success!
19 June 2018

Hockey Heroes

Quite a tournament...
25 May 2018

Brunton Park