Reception Thursday Phonics or maths activities to share at home
  Regular Shared reading
1 Tuesday Phonics activities to be handed in the following Monday
  Wednesday Maths activity to complete for Friday
  Daily Reading activity
2 Monday Spellings for following Monday
  Wednesday Maths or literacy or topic for Friday
  Friday Maths or literacy or topic for Monday
  Daily Reading
  Science One piece of homework per topic
3 Friday Written English or maths task for Monday
  Weekly Tables and spellings
  Daily Home reading
  Science One piece of homework per topic
4 Wednesday Spellings
  Wednesday Topic work due following Tuesday. Set every other week
  Daily Reading
  Weekly Challenges set on Mathletics to be completed at school or at home
  Science One piece of homework per topic
5 Monday Mathletics - to be completed by Friday
  Wednesday Spellings for following week
  Daily Reading
  Half-termly A three week project each term, either English or topic-related
  Science One piece of homework per topic
6 Weekly (sometimes) extra work to consolidate a topic or thinking
  Tuesday Spellings for the following week
  Tuesday Maths - for Thursday of same week
  Friday Maths or English - for Monday
  3 x weekly Reading - to be signed by adult 
  NOTE If Year 6 children do not complete work in class in the time given or to a high enough standard, this will be sent home to be finished or re-done - to be returned the following day



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