Wednesday 20 November was a very exciting day for Reception - it was Tristano's 5th birthday party. Preparations had been going on all week; the children made a birthday card on Monday, displaying some amazing creativity. On Tuesday the children baked three (a record!) Victoria sponges and decorated thirty-one biscuits. Finally, the party afternoon arrived. As you can see, everyone dressed in party gear and had a great time. It started with 'pass the parcel', which took a very long time as there were thirty-one children in a very large circle. This was followed by musical statues and 'best dancer'. Tristano helped with the judging here; it was quite tricky as there were so many amazing dancers to choose from! The activities were followed by singing 'Happy Birthday' to Tristano and watching him blow out the five candles on his cake. The cake and biscuits were the final part of the celebrations; each child had decorated a biscuit for a friend and, as you can see, they looked (and tasted) scrumptious. The afternoon was a real treat for a very hard working class. We now have the opportunity to use this rich and rewarding experience to help with writing opportunities.

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