The School Governing Body

The Governing Body is responsible for the decision making that affects the school. There are currently twelve governors including Mrs Smith. The full Governing Body meets once a term (twice in the Summer Term) and the committees each meet once a term. There are three committees which deal with certain aspects of the school.

The Headteacher and Chairs of Governors are members of all committees. Each committee has a Chair who is marked below in bold.

The Joint Chairs of Governors are Mrs Kirstie Somerville and Ms Rachel Hogarth, both of whom who can be contacted via the school at:

St. Michael's C.E. Primary School

Carlisle Road





Buildings and Grounds

Committee members : Ann Byers, Bruce Richards, Kirstie Somerville, Brendan McArdle, Sarah Caulfield, Billy Mallinson, Ian Newton (Associate Member)

Curriculum and Pastoral

Committee Members: Alison Bedford, Brendan McArdle, Rachel Hogarth, Viv Drouet, Rev Ben Phillips, Sarah Miller

Finance and Staffing

Committee Members: Ann Byers, Bruce Richards, Kirstie Somerville, Alison Bedford, Rachel Hogarth, Viv Drouet, Billy Mallinson

For more detailed information about the structure and remit of the Governing Body and the terms of reference for each committee, please click here.

Business Interests

At the start of every academic year the governors are asked to declare any business interests or financial interests. In September 2021 there were three interests declared. In addition, at the start of every meeting, Governors are asked to declare any interests in agenda items for that particular meeting. If any are declared, these are minuted.

Attendance at Meetings

The table below shows the attendance at meetings from September 2020 to date. Most of these have been held via Zoom because of the pandemic.


Please click here for a pdf version of the above chart


There are four meetings of the Full Governing Body per year.

The most recent approved minutes of the Full Governing Body can be requested from the office.


The Governing Body is responsible for keeping the school's policies up to date. There are a great number of these concerning teaching and learning, safeguarding and staffing as well as the physical aspects of the school and its finances. Those most pertinent to parents have been identified and can be found by clicking here. If you have any concerns that are not covered by these policies, please get in touch with Mrs Smith.




Acting Head teacher:

Mrs L Smith


Local Authority Governor, appointed by the Local Authority:

Mr B McArdle

appointed by the LA 22 March 2016, term ends 21 March 2020. 

Reappointed by LA February 2021, appointment approved by Full Governing Body 2 March 2021, term ends 1 March 2025

*Mr McArdle was an Associate Member between March 2020 and March 2021 as his re-election was progressing.


Foundation Governors, appointed by the Diocese of Carlisle:

Miss A Byers

re-appointed by the Diocese 7 January 2020, term ends 6 January 2024

Revd B Phillips

appointed by the Diocese 4 December 2019 (ex officio)

Mrs V Drouet

appointed by the Diocese 14 December 2017, term ends 13 December 2021


Co-opted Governors, appointed by the school's Governing Body:

Mrs K Somerville

appointed by the Governing Body 1 September 2019, term ends 31 August 2023

Mrs S Caulfield

appointed by the Governing Body 19 January 2021, term ends 18 January 2025

Mr B Mallinson

appointed by the Governing Body 27 April 2021, term ends 26 April 2025

Parent Governors, elected through a ballot of parents:

Mrs A Bedford

re-appointed by the Governing Body, 19 January 2018, term ends 18 January 2022

Mr B Richards

re-appointed by the Governing Body, 19 January 2018, term ends 18 January 2022

Ms R Hogarth

appointed by the Governing Body, 19 January 2018, term ends 18 January 2022


Staffing Governor, elected by school staff

Mrs S Miller

appointed 1 January 2021, term ends 31 December 2025


Associate Members, appointed by the school's Governing Body:

Mr I Newton

Mr Newton attends Buildings and Grounds meetings. As an Associate Member, he does not have voting rights. He is the site manager of the school.


Clerk to the Governors:

Mrs C McDonald (who attends the Finance Committee meetings)



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