Head Teacher: Mr C Marsh

Deputy Head Teacher: Mrs J Paisley


Teaching Staff by Class



Mrs J Henshaw - Monday to Wednesday

Mrs S Miller - Wednesday to Friday

Year 1


Miss C Armstrong

Year 2

Miss A Rowe

Year 3


Mrs J McArdle

Year 4


Mrs P Johnston

Year 5


Miss N Atkinson

Year 6


Mrs L Porter


Mrs K Oliver 

Teaching Assistants

School has a number of teaching assistants who help out in the classes. As they are not assigned to a single class but move throughout the school, we have listed them here:

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Ms S Austin

Mrs J Carruthers

Mrs L Hodgson

Mrs N Longworth

Mrs S Miller

Senior Teaching Assistants

Mrs L Caldwell

Mrs S Martin

Teaching Assistants

Mrs C Atkinson

Mrs J Smillie

Mrs S Swallow

Mrs D Tait


Other Teaching Staff:

SEN Team:

Mrs J Paisley (Monday to Thursday)

Ms S Austin

German Teacher:

Mrs J Carruthers 

Music Teacher:

Mrs G Mattinson (Wednesday)

Science Teacher:

Mrs A Lambert (three days a week). As well as teaching science, Mrs Lambert also acts as a 'floating teacher' covering for teachers' PPA and staff absences.


Support Staff

Office Administrators:

Mrs C McDonald (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday)

Mrs B Cook (Monday, Thursday, Friday)

Caretaking / Cleaning:

Mr I Newton

Mrs A Davenport

Mrs G Allen

Mid-day Supervisors:

Mrs C Atkinson

Mrs A Davenport

Mrs L Roberts

Mrs J Smillie

Mrs S Swallow

Mrs D Tait

Kitchen Staff:

Mrs S Little

Miss C Kerr

Mrs L Todhunter

Visiting teachers:

Mrs G Mattinson, Mrs P Harris and Mr R MacKenzie visit school to teach piano, brass and guitar respectively. Mrs Mattinson also teaches music to junior classes on Wednesdays.

And finally:

We also have a lot of support from parent volunteers, student teachers and pupils on work experience - a big thank you to you all!


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