Senior Management Team

Mrs J Paisley

Mrs Paisley works Monday to Thursday

Mrs L Smith

Deputy Head
Works four days a week

Infant Teachers

Mrs J Henshaw

Reception Teacher
Early Years' Leader

Mrs S Miller

Year 1 Teacher

Mrs McArdle

Year 1 Teacher
Literacy Coordinator

Miss N Atkinson

Year 2 Teacher

Mrs H Keenan


Junior Teachers

Miss C Armstrong

Year 3 Teacher
RE Coordinator

Miss N Creagh

Year 4 Teacher

Mrs A Lambert

Year 5 Teacher
Monday - Wednesday

Mrs L Porter

Year 5 Teacher
Wednesday - Friday

Miss A Rowe

Year 6 Teacher

Other Teachers

Mrs J Carruthers

German Teacher

SENCo Team

Mrs L Smith

Mrs S Austin

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs L Hodgson

Also First Aider

Mrs S Austin

Mrs N Longworth

Mrs J Carruthers

Senior Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Martin

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Sheila Swallow

Also Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs D Tait

Also Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs C Atkinson

Also Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs J Smillie

Also Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs L Roberts

Also Mid-day Supervisor

Miss K Butcher

Also Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs C Rennie

Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Fairlam

Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Shennan

Teaching Assistant

Office Staff

Mrs C McDonald


Mrs B Cook


Caretaking / Cleaning Staff

Mr I Newton


Mrs A Davenport

Also Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs L Reynard


Kitchen Staff

Miss S Little

Kitchen Team Leader

Miss C Kerr

Mrs L Todhunter

Visiting teachers:

Mrs G Mattinson, Mr P Hemingway, Mrs K Bowness and Mr R MacKenzie visit school to teach piano, woodwind, violin and guitar respectively. 

And finally:

We also have a lot of support from parent volunteers, student teachers and pupils on work experience - a big thank you to you all!


Latest News

22 November 2019

Tristano's 5th Birthday Party

Reception have been celebrating a special friend's special day.
15 October 2019

Lockerbie 2019

Three days of fun...
15 October 2019

Messing about on the river...

Year 5 learn about our local river.

Upcoming Events

27 January 2020

Yr 4 Trip

As part of 'Egyptian Week', Year 4 are visiting Carlisle's Tullie House museum.
30 January 2020, 8.15am – 8.45am

Books for Breakfast

A breakfast invitation!