Bright Stars - Cake and Tomato Plant Sale

Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed their second sale - this time selling decorated cupcakes and tomato plants. The children decided to make the tomato plants available for a donation as they wanted everyone to have the chance to buy them no matter how rich they were.





Bright Stars - Nestle Factory Visit

As part of their Bright Stars project, Year 4 visited Nestle to learn more about how businesses work. They met people from a wide variety of jobs and were able to ask questions to find out more about their roles in the company.

We were amazed that there are over 300 varieties of KitKat in the world, and couldn't believe you can even get fish flavoured ones!

Jackie spoke to them about health and safety, Peter shared a recorded message college, and Mia even travelled all the way from their Gatwick office to teach the children about marketing and help them with their ideas.

The children thoroughly enjoyed getting into the factory which so many have driven past so often. Thank you to everyone at Nestle for making us all feel so welcome.





Bright Stars - Week 5

Every child wrote letters of application for a job within our Bright Stars team. They then took part in interviews explaining who they were, which job they'd like and giving reasons why they should be given the job.

Callum and Laura were really impressed by how keen every single person was to speak up and be interviewed. As a result every single person has been given a role and are now busy working in their teams on our next venture.

Thank you to Callum and Laura for being so friendly and easy for the children to talk to.


Bright Stars - Week 4

For this week, Year 4 worked with Nestle thinking about what makes a good and bad leader. They worked brilliantly in groups sharing lots of ideas. They then learnt about different teams within a business. They are now going to write a letter of application for the job they would like to do. In week 5 they will be taking part in interviews.



Bright Stars - Week 3 - Coronation Picnic Biscuits

Year 4 have thoroughly loved decorating biscuits for our Coronation picnic. They worked brilliantly as a team and are incredibly proud of their biscuits.









Bright Stars - Coronation Picnic Biscuits

In order to help them raise funds for their Bright Stars company and The Salvation Army, Year 4 will be selling freshly made biscuits during our Coronation Picnic on Thursday 4 May. Check back to find out how well they do!


Science - Electricity and Circuits

Year 4 started their unit on electricity by experimenting to find out which diagrams had complete circuits which would light a bulb after they had made their predictions.




Writing - Seasons

Year 4 have enjoyed working in the spring sunshine to help them describe the changing season. They used their five senses to help with their work on writing settings.




Bright Stars - Week 2

Year 4 are continuing their work with Nestle, working with Wayne, Megan and Peter. They worked in teams to put together a business plan and are now thinking of a name for their company whilst working on designing their company logo. They have realised they may not have time to grow their own vegetables to sell before the summer so are thinking of ways to make this a sustainable venture for the future.



Art - Coronation Portraits

Year 4 took part in an interactive art lesson with artist Sam Barnett who taught the children how to easily and quickly draw a portrait of King Charles III.

Take a look below at our portraits.







Bright Stars - Week 1

Year 4 started their Bright Stars campaign by working with Gemma, Callum and Peter from Nestle to learn more about how business works and what a social enterprise is. They worked in groups to share their ideas which inspired them to think of ideas for their own initiative.

The children are now researching which fruit and vegetables will grow well during April/May/June as they want to be able to sell these to local people to help them save money on their weekly shopping bill.




PE - Hockey

Year 4 have been learning different ways to dribble the ball in hockey. They showed great determination and perseverance trying Indian dribbling.




Science Week - Engineering Challenge

Our engineering challenge in Year 4 was to create a structure out of newspaper that would hold up and support a book 20cm above the ground or a  flat surface.

We worked in groups to design, build and test our structures, and also had a little help from visiting engineer Ryan Leiba.




Science Week - What is it Like to be an Engineer?

Ryan Leiba visited us in Year 4 to talk about his role as an engineer for Metal Box. He explained that in Carlisle alone their target is to make 6 billion can lids every year! Which is about 10 lids for every person in Great Britain.

He showed us some of the plans that he works from and said that every day is different as he never knows what he will need to do. It was good to hear that he works Emma and that females are encouraged to work at Metal Box. At the end of his talk, the children were asked who had been inspired to be an engineer during Science Week. Take a look at how many hands went up.



Billy Mallinson came to visit Year 4 to talk about what it's like to be an engineer. He explained about the different types of engineer then showed the children the different types of welding tools that he uses in his job. The children enjoyed asking questions and hearing from a real life engineer.






Computing - Editing Images

Year 4 are learning how to edit images in their computing lessons. Today they have been busy changing the composition of an image so that they appear to be Romans. How realistic do they look?


PSHE - Resilience

Year 4 have been learning about resilience in their Jigsaw lessons. They recognise that things don't always turn out the way they'd like and have been coming up with some excellent ideas and advice so that they have strategies to cope when things go wrong. Here they are using their teamwork skills to produce their funny potatoes. Luckily, because of their great teamwork they reported that they were confident their team had acted as democracy, showing mutual respect and tolerance towards each other and their ideas.





Art - Pop Art Portraits

Year 4 have finished their pop art portraits and their finished work is below.


Art - Pop Art Portraits

Year 4 are working hard to produce their own pop art portraits inspired by Andy Warhol. They used their computing skills to edit photos of people who inspired them in their lives, before tracing them using Warhol's blotting technique to create an outline. They are now selecting complementary colours to make their artwork 'pop out'. Look out for their completed work coming soon...




Christmas Nativity Rehearsal

Year 3 and 4 have been practising exceptionally hard for their Nativity and can't wait to welcome parents and family members to the performances on Monday 19 December at 2pm and 6pm.




Wheelchair Basketball

Year 4 loved working with Nat to learn about wheelchair basketball. They demonstrated fantastic teamwork and made sure everyone was included.




History - The Romans

Year 4 enjoyed a visit from the Time Bandits. They were able to inspect Roman artefacts and asked a range of inquisitive questions to find out plenty of information.





Science - The Digestive System

Year 4 had a fantastic afternoon demonstrating how the digestive system works. They learnt that the food is chewed in their mouths before being swallowed and pushed down their oesophagus by their tongue. Once in their stomach, their stomach muscles squash the food. After that, it travels down through their small intestine where the nutrients are removed and transferred into their bloodstream. The remaining waste then travels through the large intestine before being stored in the rectum. Finally, it is pushed through the anus into the toilet.




Tullie House Virtual Assembly - Ancient Egypt

Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed their Zoom meeting with David from Tullie House, who really inspired them at the start of their new History topic on the Ancient Egyptians. They listened brilliantly and really challenged David with some thoughtful questions related to what they had learnt.




Year 4 - Reception Reading Partners

Year 4 are really enjoying reading to their partners in Reception.




Year 4 have been practising their netball shooting skills.



Herbivore, Carnivore or Omnivore?

We have been revising our knowledge on herbivores, carnivores and omnivores and sorted photographs of different animals into each category. Then we checked on the back of the photo to see what each animal actually ate and if we had got it right. Finally we worked in teams to create a Venn diagram to show each type of animal.