The school has many policies which help determine how school is organised. Those of most interest to parents have been identified and are available in full below - simply click on the relevant icon depending on whether you wish to view, print or download the document. If you have any concerns relating to any other matters, please call school and ask to speak to Mrs Smith.

If you would like school to provide a hard copy of any of these policies, please call 01228 711544.


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Policies are reviewed and, if necessary, amended either annually or bi-annually. This is done by the four committees of the Governing Body.

St. Michael's also has a Privacy Notice for parents and pupils which details how we collect, use and store information about the children who attend our school. We also have a Privacy Notice for staff which details how we collect, use and store information about the staff who work at the school.


The LA manages admissions at St. Michael's. The documents below set out their policies.


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