Technology is at the centre of everyone's life today - especially our children's. However, while there are huge benefits to this technology, issues such as online grooming, cyber bullying and exposure to inappropriate and illegal material also threaten our children's safety and well-being.

At St. Michael's we believe that school and parents/carers need to work together to safeguard children from online harm. At school pupils are taught how to stay safe online and behave appropriately when using technology. We also monitor usage and have extensive safety measures in place to make sure technology is used well and to safeguard children from potential dangers and unsuitable material.

There are also many ways that parents can help keep their children safe online. We have uploaded three posters from the National Online Safety organisation below - examples of the type of material that can be found on their website. Please take a look below and visit the site which contains many more relevant materials - together we can help educate children to know how to use technology well.