Vision Statement

With every child at the heart of St. Michael's, our vision is that:

We believe that children should learn in an environment rich in opportunities and inspiration where everyone is encouraged to aspire to achieve their potential. A place where learning is viewed by all as a life-long process. Where children feel safe, nurtured and loved. We want every member of the school community to feel listened to, cared for and valued and to know that mental and spiritual well-being are as important as academic achievement and progress. In educating the whole child we aim to build foundations so that they can face challenges in our ever-changing, diverse society with confidence.

We strive to be a community built on our strong Christian values of respect, kindness, forgiveness, challenge and perseverance, where all are given access to know the love of God and awareness of how He would have us live. Where every member of the school community is given the opportunity to truly 'let their light shine'.


Mission Statement

At St. Michael’s Church of England Primary School our key mission is to provide a high quality of education through a range of experiences which include:

  • a broad and balanced curriculum;
  • a welcoming caring and safe environment;
  • a stimulating and happy community;
  • the ethos of a Church school supporting Christian values;
  • the promotion of moral, spiritual, social and cultural activities;
  • the value and recognition of the importance of home/school/community partnerships;
  • ensuring equal opportunities exist;
  • an extensive range of extra curricular activities.

To achieve this mission we encourage pupils to:

  • be independent learners;
  • become life long learners;
  • achieve high standards;
  • maintain respect and tolerance for all peoples and property;
  • develop high expectations both academically and socially;
  • acquire the skills to live in a technological society;
  • develop self-discipline, self-motivation and self-confidence in their own ability.

These aims are relevant to all of our children, irrespective of age, ability or social background.


Our Values

We all, both staff and pupils, work very hard to ensure that everything we do is characterised by the following core Christian values:

  • Kindness
  • Respect
  • Forgiveness
  • Perseverance
  • Challenge


Equality Statement

We are also committed to equality in everything that we do. This is demonstrated through the following:

  • we make sure that everyone at school feels safe and secure
  • we treat everyone with respect and are fair to everyone
  • we do our best to make sure that everyone feels that school is a stimulating place to be
  • we recognise that people may have different needs and understand that treating people equally does not necessarily mean treating them all in exactly the same way
  • we give extra support to those who need it so that they too can achieve and be successful
  • we involve as many people as possible in decision making and so have a school council to represent the children and communicate with parents and carers giving them the chance to offer feedback or become governors
  • we do not tolerate racism or bullying and make sure everyone knows how any such incidents are dealt with at school