Who is the tallest?

We built towers and compared the height of them. Who had the tallest tower? Who had the shortest tower? We had a very special delivery which came inside a very tall box. It was a giraffe!

Looking after our teeth

We brought our toothbrushes into school and practised brushing our teeth. We know why we need to brush our teeth in the morning and at night. A few children have lost a tooth and enjoyed telling their peers about their experience of the tooth fairy visiting them!

Our Local Environment

We enjoy exploring our local environment every Friday. Together, we made a map of our journey and use this in our provision areas. Visiting Stocks Wood brought the story of Dear Mr Postman to life.

Making and Baking

Baking in our school kitchen is lots of fun. We practise rolling, mixing, pouring, grating and cutting. Our Pudsey Bear biscuits and fruit kebabs were delicious!

Learning Through Play

There are many exciting areas to explore in our continuous provision. We develop many skills in these areas and love talking about our learning.