The Gruffalo

We have been looking at the author Julia Donaldson. We have been enjoying reading lots of her books and have been writing about her stories.  We have had lots of fun.  We also visited the deep dark woods at Whinlatter Forest and went on a Gruffalo Hunt.  We spotted lots of the characters from the book. 

We were so excited about our trip that we came back to school and did some amazing writing using capital letters, full stops and included adjectives in our writing too.  What a super day!


Seasonal Changes

In geography, we have been looking at seasonal changes in the weather.  We thought about what the weather is usually like when it’s our birthdays. We organised our birthday months into seasons.  We thought about what happens to the trees when the weather changes too. Can you describe the seasonal changes?

We explored our area outside school and we then had a walk through the church yard.  We saw a tree and noticed how its leaves had turned yellow and brown.  We can see this tree from our classroom window and now it’s winter we can see that it has changed again.  Our trip to Whinlatter also helped us look for lots of signs of Autumn.  We noticed that some trees stay green “evergreen” and some lose their leaves and are called “deciduous” trees.


Testing Material in our Science

We had to look at the different materials to see which material would keep our teddy dry. We tested paper, cellophane, tin foil, plastic and wood. We named the different types of materials and talked about their properties.

The best material was the plastic plate as it was like a big round umbrella! In the end, after testing all the materials … poor teddy got very wet. We did hang him up to dry!

Our Reading Advent Calendar

For Advent in Year 1 we are opening a parcel every day.  Inside the parcel is a book linked to Christmas and the Christmas Story.  It is very exciting when we are chosen to open one of the parcels.  This also links in with our R.E. topic “Why do we give gifts at Christmas?”