We explored plant art looking at why botanical illustrations needed to be accurate, appreciating the work of different artistic and learning the skills we needed to make our own plant pictures realistic. We looked at depth in our work, creating tints, tones and shades and also working on the shape of our lines when drawing and painting trees. We applied our skills in PSHE painting some Autumn trees to make into family trees using this method and mixing tints, tones and shades of orange for the leaves.  






We looked at how information is shared using a computer network. We became human computers and made our own networks to show how a network switch and server works. We learnt about how digital devices help us and designed our own device. We also compared using a computer paint programme and painting by hand to paint Van Gogh’s Starry Night and thought about the advantages and disadvantages of each method.  





We looked at what life was life from the Stone Age to Iron Age. We made a timeline showing all the events we learnt about in KS1 and added the Stone Age to Iron Age period. We then became archaeologists and took part in our own mini-excavations discovering Stone Age tools and discussing what we thought they were for. We pretended to be hunter-gathers on the school field to find out what might be eaten. We also used our persuasive writing skills from English to try to sell some Iron Age roundhouses!  





We have enjoyed working practically in Maths and using the equipment to explain our thinking and help us work things out. Our favourite word is ‘exchange’ when we are adding or subtracting!