Science - Rocks and Soils

Year 3 have been learning about the properties of different rocks. We carried out investigations to see which rocks were permeable and which were durable.


During a visit to Caldew School, we were able to use microscopes to look closely at our rock samples. Some of us thought they looked like the surface of the moon.

Next we used grated chocolate to represent sediment and made up layers of different chocolate, then applied pressure to create our very own sedimentary rock. Then we mixed igneous and sedimentary rocks, and applied heat and pressure to show how metamorphic rocks are formed. Finally, we used our writing super skills linked to explanation texts to explain how the rock cycle works. Click to read Jude's and Sophie's rock cycle explanations.



Computing - Data Sorting

Year 3 have been learning about the attributes of different things and how yes/no questions can be used to sort information into groups. We played Guess Who? to help us learn about how we sort things by using the attributes and characteristics they have in common with other. Finally we selected a type of data and created our own branching databases using online software, and adding yes/no questions to define objects.



Christmas Nativity Rehearsal

Year 3 and 4 have been practising exceptionally hard for their Nativity and can't wait to welcome parents and family members to the performances on Monday 19 December at 2pm and 6pm.



Stone Age Forest School Experience

Year 3 had a fantastic morning working in our outdoor garden space with Branch Out Education. We were able to tell Hayley and Graham lots of things we had already learnt about Britain during the Stone Age to Iron Age period. During the morning we learned more about the daily lives of the people who lived during the Stone Age and got to experience a little bit for ourselves as well.

We started by putting on our 'deer ears' to see how this made sounds louder, and then played some games to test our listening skills to see if we would make good hunters carefully stalking their prey.


We also did some gathering and made a beautiful picture using conkers, pine cones, sycamores and crab apples. Then we had a go making a cave painting just like people in the Stone Age did, by using berries and leaves to mix our paints which we really enjoyed.



Next we had a go at making Stone Age tools by using sharp stones to peel and shape sticks. We also used clay to pots just like Stone Age people would have.


Finally we had a go at grinding grain and then cooked ash bread using the firepit.


Getting to Know Our New Class

We started the Autumn term by unwrapping the books we had put into our special basket. We are all very excited to read through our collection of books and poems across the year.

As we settled into Year 3, we have also been learning about ourselves and how we can work together as a class team. We then created a collage of rainbows and we each wrote on them a promise about what we would like to achieve in Year 3.


Garden Worship

This term we have been taking our worship outside in the garden, talking to our partners about everything we could see around us. We also thought about the things we had seen and realised that there are things around us that we can't always see, like electricity or the wind. We spent some time reflecting on the Christian belief that God is always but you might not see him. We finished our worship making prayers and reflections while watching a bubble float away.




We have been learning all about about place value in Maths, and can use base 10 equipment to help us when working out a problem. We worked together to build number lines up to 100 and then to 1000! We were also able to use the equipment to explain and prove where different numbers would be.




We have been learning about the changes that happened in Britain between the Stone Age and the Iron Age. We started by making a human timeline to show all the events we had already learned about and then added in the Stone Age, Iron Age and Bronze Age to the right places on the timeline.

We also found a site of prehistorical significance inside our own classroom and worked together in groups to excavate it! We found some Stone Age tools and talked about what we thought they would have been used for. Then we had an online Zoom session with Tullie House and where we were able to ask lots of questions.