Dangerous parking outside Schools

We received this message this morning: 

Police and County Council Civilian Enforcement Officers will be working together to combat the illegal, inconsiderate and dangerous parking outside our local schools.

Complaints from members of the public and parents regarding such parking are constantly being received by both Police and the County Council.

Children’s lives are being put at risk by a small minority of inconsiderate drivers who park on the footpaths and contravene the zig zag markings and yellow lines which are placed there to protect the children crossing the road to and from school.

During the week commencing 23rd February there will be a Force-wide education phase whereby parents will receive letters via the schools regarding the dangers they pose and the offences they may be committing. This will be supported by media coverage and advertising.

Enforcement will commence on 2rd March. A number of schools in our area have been identified and illegal parking will be targeted and offenders will be prosecuted.