On Tuesday 27th February Wes Magee, a famous writer, came in to school to tell the children about writing and to read some of his favourite poems. We had a whole school assembly where Wes introduced himself and then he came to see the children in their classes. When he came to Reception Class the children told him some of their favourite nursery rhymes and we all joined in reciting them. Wes then told the children how with some of his poems he had used a traditional nursery rhyme and changed some of the words. We then all learnt one of his poems off by heart: Stroke the cat, stroke the cat and lift it from the floor. Stroke the cat, stroke the cat and shake hands with its paw. Stroke the cat, stroke the cat and scratch its head once more. Stroke the cat, stroke the cat then shoo it through the door! We also learnt the actions to go with the poem - it was great fun.

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