Writing - Explanation Texts

In year we have been studying explanation texts. We started by watching Wallace and Gromit's Soccomatic machine. We worked together to write an explanation text, using photos to help us to order the steps.

We then worked in pairs to create a teacher pleaser. We practised using fronted adverbials to start our sentences and explored the reason writers start new paragraphs. We also looked at the importance of addressing the reader and writing in the present tense. We are now working hard writing explanation texts for our own inventions.





PSHE - Anti Bullying Week

We wore odd socks to mark the start of Anti Bullying Week in school. In PSHE we discussed how sometimes it can be difficult to spot bullying as accidents do happen. However, bullying is something that happens repeatedly over time to the same person or group of people.



PE - Gymnastics

We have been practising with a partner to improve our balance. We developed our tension to help us stay in control and prevent us from wobbling. We are aiming to hold each balance for 5 seconds.






Science - Orthodontist Visit

Thank you to Mrs Germain who came in to teach us all about keeping our teeth healthy. It was great to have a real orthodontist to give us advice. She showed us the difference between her family's teeth and explained the importance of brushing our teeth for 2 minutes. We closed our eyes and tried to guess how long 2 minutes was. It was much longer than we thought.



PE - Primary Stars with Carlisle United

We have been enjoying working with Paul from Carlisle United. We focused on using strategies to defend areas as well as working together. It was great fun.



Science - The Digestive System

We had great fun trying to recreate own digestive system.

We used bananas and crackers as food. We placed them into a bag which represented the stomach, then added water (to represent saliva) and orange juice (to represent the stomach acid). We pummelled the foods with the liquids, just like the stomach muscles pummel our food. Once the food had been mashed up, we transferred it into a paper cup which represented the large intestine. We had made a small hole in the bottom of the cup to act as the anus which we pushed the waste food through. The waste food was our faeces!





Running Challenge

We are busy improving our stamina by challenging ourselves to run further.




We are focusing on improving our language choices and adding extra detail into our sentences. We have also started using fronted adverbials in our writing. We have used dictionaries, thesauruses and technology to help us.




Geography - Continents of the World

We have been learning about the continents of the world. We worked in groups to find out some of the physical features of each continent: the highest mountains, the longest rivers, the largest lakes and the smallest countries.

We realised that there are no countries in Antarctica and there are no permanent residents.



Science - Animals and Food Chains

In our Science lessons we have been learning about what animals eat and what a food chain is.

We have also been examining our own teeth and finding out the name and functions of them.

Incisors are flat and at the front of our mouths. We use them for cutting and biting.

Canines are sharp and help us to rip and tear our food.

Our molars help us to grind and chew our food before we swallow it.

We had great fun trying to find and label our teeth!




Reception Reading Partners

Year 4 have started reading with their partners in Reception. All the children enjoyed choosing a book to read and then finding a nice cosy place to read their stories.