As part of our English work we have shared and retold many fairy tales. Hot-seating was great to help us to really think about what it felt like to be some of the main characters. Stepping inside their shoes and answering lots of questions helped us to think about what it was like to be the big, bad wolf. Was he just lonely? Or was he really very hungry and very greedy?


Maths is Fun!

We are learning to explain and reason in our maths lessons. Using the equipment helps our understanding of place value and makes solving simple addition and subtraction number sentences much easier.

Fantastic Mr Fox

To help bring our class story alive we visited Stocks Wood for the day. We fed the chickens and watched them in their run. We enjoyed lighting a fire and re-telling parts of the story while toasting marshmallows. We imagined being Bogus, Bunce or Bean while swinging in the hammock. It was a very chilly day but we had great fun in the outdoors!