Design & Technology - Viking Boats

In D&T we have designed, made and evaluated our own Viking boats. We learnt how to carry out research to supplement our ideas, create and test prototypes of sails, create an exploded diagram, saw wood safely and accurately, and work as a member of a team to complete a which suited the design specification.

Here is a video showing our work from start to finish.


PSHE - Show Racism the Red Card

As part of our PSHE work we do in school, we were invited to attend a 'Show Racism the Red Card' workshop at Carlisle United. We carried out a range of activities and then were lucky enough to interview 5 members of the CUFC first team and get photographs. This event certainly opened our eyes to racism, discrimination and stereotypes, and we learnt a great deal.




English - Flashback Stories

In English, we have studied the features of a flashback story and enjoyed reading 'A Veteran Never Forgets'. We talked about different films we had seen and stories we had read to identify different times flashbacks can be used. We are looking forward to writing our own stories based on a short film called 'The Piano'.


Maths - Equivalent Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

In Maths we have been learning how to find and order equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages. We had a great time working in groups to put these on a number line. We have been using our reasoning skills to solve word problems and have worked hard to explain our answers.




Guided Reading

In our Guided Reading lessons, we read the story of Clockwork by Phillip Pulman. We used our prior knowledge of how to write a spooky story to write our own versions of the story of Gretl and Sir Ironsoul. Here is an example:


Religion and Worldviews - Justice and Injustice

This half term, we are looking at justice and injustice. We looked at Bible stories and used events around the world to help us define these terms. A lot of mature conversations were had about Rosa Parks, suffragettes, and other historical events and figures.

This week we have learnt about Fairtrade and how much farmers get when they sell their produce to supermarkets - comparing Fairtrade with non Fairtrade.


English - Poetry

In English, we have looked at the main features of descriptive poetry and how often poetry doesn't need to rhyme. We focussed specifically on Winter to go with the current season and the beautiful scenery we have around us.

We have learnt about personification and, after using our senses and writing a list of powerful nouns, verbs and adverbs, we wrote our personification poems.


Maths - Ratios and Fractions

In Maths, we have been learning about ratio and its link with fractions. We can draw scaled up and scaled down pictures of 2D shapes and are now learning how to solve ratio problems.



In History, our topic question was - Why did the Vikings come to Scandinavia?

Firstly, we found where the Vikings came on a timeline and impressed everyone with our chronological ordering of different periods of history. Then we learnt that the first Viking raids happened at Lindisfarne in 793AD and wrote diary entries as if we were a monk at the time.

We also looked at some important events that happened in the year 1066, including the death of Edward The Confessor and who would be the next King of England. We looked at range of sources to decide who we thought had the strongest claim to the throne.


Science - Light and Refraction

In Science, we have been learning about light and how we can see. We carried out our own investigations to see if light always, sometimes or never travels in straight lines and from this, learnt about refraction.

We found out how rainbows are formed by using torches and prisms. Here is Daisy's fabulous explanation.


Computing - Communication

To introduce our Computing topic based on 'Communication', we had a visit from Mr Porter, who works as an IT Support Technician at Centre Parcs. He explained how we communicate over the internet and how searches are carried out. He brought some equipment for us to have a look at and answered some rather technical questions very clearly. We all certainly learnt a lot and were also reminded about the need to take care when posting online, as even when something is deleted, it is still stored.

Thank you Mark!


History - Remembrance Day

As part of our work on Remembrance in school, Year 6 took an active role in selling poppies, wristbands and other merchandise to raise money for the Royal British Legion.

We attended a workshop at the Cathedral and Museum of Military Life, decorated the front gate with poppies made from plastic bottles and wrote emotive poems.




We also created our own artwork, here are some examples.


Maths - Fractions

In Maths, we have started a new topic based around fractions. We have used a range of concrete resources to help us to develop a more secure understanding of equivalent fractions, and fractions on a number line. We have also used some pictorial and abstract methods to solve a range of problems.




Art - Optical Illusions

In Art, we have been studying optical illusions. One of our lessons included using digital photography skills to make objects look different to how they are perceived usually. We used our knowledge of perspective and planned how we could produce the most effective images. We hope you like them.



English - Writing

Our genre for writing this half term is 'Biographies'. We have studied a range of texts, identified the main features and found examples of these. Following this, we wrote a biography of Queen Elizabeth II. This was modelled first and then we made our amendments. We are currently writing Mrs Smith's biography after a very interesting interview.


Maths - Place Value

In Maths, we worked on developing our understanding of place value up to 10 million. As always, we have enjoyed discussing a range of strategies for solving problems and worked well when finding all possibilities in a tricky question.





Our History work has centred around Scandinavia and we have learnt about the physical and human geography of these countries. We looked at climate and precipitation and answered a range of questions by using line graphs. We also loved using Google Earth to 'walk' down the streets and experience life there for ourselves!






In Science, we are learning about 'Changing Circuits' in our electricity topic. We learnt how to create series and parallel circuits with bulbs and buzzers. We learnt that if one bulb stops working in a series circuit, then the other bulbs will not work either as the circuit has been broken. In a parallel circuit, each bulb has its own circuit, therefore if one stops working, the others will continue to stay lit.