Design and Technology - making Viking boats

In Design Technology, we designed, made and evaluated our own Viking boats. We were given a design specification to follow and set about our task. We created prototype sails and tested these to see which size and shape would suit the purpose best. Whilst planning our boats, we learnt how to use a range of tools safely, including a hand drill, a glue gun and a hacksaw. To ensure we had everything we needed, we created detailed exploded diagrams and a final labelled diagram of our boat. A day was set aside to build our boats and test them to check whether they floated and were watertight. 

We were very proud of our finished products and they fit most of the design specification in the end. We also now know what alterations we need to make if we ever make boats again.



Can you make your bulb brighter?

What happens to the electrical circuit if you add another battery/cell? We investigated this scientific question and took part in fair testing. We learned that there was a relationship between the brightness of the bulb or the volume of the buzzer with the number of cells used in a circuit. We had to compare and give reasons for different variations to our electrical circuits. We used symbols to represent and draw simple circuit diagrams.

We will remember

Within school we remembered all those who have gone to war, suffered and lost their lives or lost loved ones so that we could live freely and in peace. We shared and explored some famous war poems and wrote our own, imagining we were on the front line of a battlefield. Our Year 6 school councillors sold poppy merchandise each play time to help raise funds for The British Legion.